Why does this kind of thing only get covered at New of the Weird?

newsobserver.com | Group protests separate assemblies:

RALEIGH – A group of community leaders and parents gathered today at a meeting of the Wake Board of Education to protest a principal’s decision to hold separate assemblies for black and Hispanic students following a confrontation that involved gang symbols and some forms of intimidation.

About two dozen people — parents and members of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — chastised Dillard Drive Middle School Principal Teresa Abron for separating the students in December after a heated argument between two seventh-grade girls escalated.

The protest stemmed from Abron’s decision to send black seventh-graders to one assembly and to send Hispanic students to a separate assembly at a different time. The purpose of both assemblies was to review the school’s zero-tolerance policy on gang activity and other standards of student behavior. White students were not sent to either assembly.

Community activists and parents hoped to hold a public meeting with school leaders to discuss Abron’s actions, but in a Feb. 15 letter school officials declined their request.

Certainly wouldn’t make the national news, because we all know there’s no racism in America, and besides, it doesn’t involve a Missing White Woman.

The story also notes that no arrests were made. I guess it’s a good thing that the protesters knew their place…


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