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Stupidest internet survey reporting ever?

September 9, 2010

BBC News – One in four gives fake net names

More than a quarter of people online have lied about their name and more than one in five has done something online they regret, says a new report.

If only one in five has done something online that they regret, a lot of people don’t have very good regretting facilities.

About the other, well duh. I give accurate name information to web sites where I actually want the people in question to be able to find me, otherwise no thanks. When you have crazies posting the home addresses of people who disagree with them, companies selling their promised-private user lists as part of bankruptcy reorganization, and so on and so forth, why would anyone give accurate name information when they don’t absolutely have to?

Of course, the BBC, instead of talking about pseudonyms and such, spins it as “you’re all cybercriminals”, which is pretty much what Norton would like to be the buzz. Ugh.