Those who do not understand statistics….

BBC News – Walk ‘could track down criminals’, researchers claim

With almost 2,000 walking sequences recorded in a database, Mr Matovski claims a 95% success rate.

Gait can also be measured at a distance – an advantage over other forms of biometric identification.

However researchers found that “extreme changes” in clothing can affect recognition levels.

Obviously this stuff will eventually get better. But first: 95% accuracy is terrible for identification purposes. If everyone in the world were a criminal, it would be fine, but when the vast majority of people walking down the street aren’t the criminal you’re looking for, most of your hists are going to be false positives.

Second: apparently changing your gait isn’t so hard. So you’ll just of people putting rocks in the their shoes, wearing knee braces, wearing heavy stiff coats when they go to rob a bank…


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