Atrios makes a funny


While Benen is correct about the odd discrepancy between the Post’s coverage of Ensign and Massa, there is one reasonable explanation for some of that discrepancy. The Massa story is more of a “local” story, in that it’s about the lives and experiences of Capitol Hill staffers.

Uh. Ensign was bonking one of his staffers, and paying off her husband, another one of his staffers, to keep him from blowing the whistle. Of course, both of them have since left washington, so maybe that doesn’t count.

I think what the shorthand really meant is “the lives and experiences of capitol hill staffers who are willing to have drinks or otherwise spend time schmoozing with Washington Post reporters”. In other words, the stories are because the people at the Post are lazy, and the government employees they like to hang out with are inveterate gossips. Coverage of the village, for the village, by the village


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