Smart soundproofing

Acoustic Metamaterials Could Make Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Effective Noise-Cancelling Panels | Popular Science

Each soundproofing panel consists of latex stretched over a 3mm-thick rigid plastic grid of squares, with a small weighted plastic button sitting in the middle of each square.

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Sound waves that hit the panel cause the latex membrane and weighted buttons to resonate at different frequencies that cancel out the sound waves. Individual membranes are tuned based on the weight of the plastic buttons, so that each can cancel out a certain frequency band of sound waves.

Stacking five differently-tuned membranes together can produce a soundproof panel that works from 70 to 550 hertz, and is just slightly thicker than a ceramic bathroom tile.

I’m guessing that the membrane need not be latex, in which case the whole damn thing could potentially be injection-molded fairly simply. As with most soundproofing schemes, the big deal will be eliminating paths for the sound to travel straight through and bypass all the smart stuff. I kinda want to try making some of this…


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