I’ve got a better idea

thanks, Atrios

Bank of America Misses Congressional Deadline – DealBook Blog – NYTimes.com

The committee’s chairman, Representative Edolphus Towns of New York, is deciding whether to issue a subpoena to force compliance, but first he plans to meet with the bank’s chief strategy and marketing officer, Anne Finucane, on Tuesday.

Mr. Towns indicated that he planned to tell Ms. Finucane that the bank must comply with the request, and if it does not, a subpoena may be forthcoming.

How about just calling in the sergeant at arms and a backup of capitol police and telling the — wait, chief strategy and marketing officer?!? not the general counsel or the CEO or someone who actually has power to turn over the papers in question? — that the little anteroom over there is going to have a cot in it until the documents are turned over?

It was bad enough when the executive branch treated congressional requests having the force of law with contempt, but this is a bank that the federal government already owns. We the people could send the entire executive suite out on the street with the stroke of a pen. And they still couldn’t care less.

Let’s encourage the others.


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