Why do I think this could be a really bad idea?

Gizmodo – Did You Ever Think You Could Deposit Checks Using Your Phone? Neither Did I – Mobile deposit software

Assuming you don’t already direct deposit all your checks, NCR’s APTRA Passport checking software could be great news. Your phone’s camera, which must be at least 2-megapixels, acts as a scanner that captures an image of the check. APTRA then uses Mitek Systems’ advanced recognition and image quality technologies to validate all data before transmitting those images directly to your financial institution or online banking web site. Presto! You’re done.

Now of course when you deposit a check to your account your bank generally knows who you are and can claw the money back if anything goes wrong, but this just seems like a perfect opportunity for some obvious scams. (Some of those scams could be arranged with paper checks as well, but this being able to script them is always a difference in kind.)

Of course, it will make me feel even more deliciously retro when I deposit a check — gasp — by mail.


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