Worst science reporting headline ever?

BBC NEWS | Health | Trial drugs ‘reverse’ Alzheimer’s

In mice, the treatment helped restore long-term memory and improve learning for new tasks, Nature reports.

The same drugs – HDAC inhibitors – are currently being tested to treat Huntington’s disease and are on the market to treat some cancers.

They reshape the DNA scaffolding that supports and controls the expression of genes in the brain.

The work is actually pretty darn interesting and may be important, but what’s actually been done is a study of mice with an Alzheimers-analog condition. The article says human trials of derivative compounds may be 10 years away.

Of course the piece also says that HDAC inhibitors are on the market as anticancer drugs and are being studied for Huntington’s chorea, so expect a few thousand doctors motivated by hope or greed to start highly-expensive off-label treatments and publish oodles of anecdotal reports that make good randomized studies later impossible…


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