Coming to signboards in some non-backwater country real soon

Translated version of

Shinoda Plasma Corporation, the company’s next PTA technology 3m, vertical 2m developed a prototype of the 145-film-type display. I turned around and announced to the market.

 1m × 1m sub module seamlessly combine 6 pieces, and a 145-inch diagonal.  Number of pixels is 960 × 720 dots (horizontal × vertical), which can be displayed in a curved bend.  The 145 display, weighs about 7.2kg and lightweight, the power consumption is 800W (up to 1200W).

 PTA is a principle similar to plasma emission, RGB and the length of the phosphor coating each 1m, about 1mm thick glass lined tubes, display structures put in a glass tube clip of the film electrode. More about 1mm can be achieved

So the pixel pitch is about 3 millimeters, which renders it useful only for big displays, but who cares? There are a lot of big display surfaces out there…


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