Machinery scam redux

Last time it was a bobcat excavator, this time it’s a tractor:


Hello . For whom is interested I am selling my 1998 Ford New Holland Tractor price US $4,200.00. I need the money fast so I try to sell the tractor using this online marketing company.
If you are not interested in my ad please excuse my email and please delete it. For buyers interested in this great machinery I hosted some photos on : . Please contact me at my email address : and I can answer any questions you may have
and we can talk all the details for a deal. Again if my email reached you and you are not interested in buying a tractor I want to apologize.
Here are some details about my product:
1998 Ford New Holland 1920 4×4 Diesel Tractor only 575 hours .

Model 1920 with Loader.
Make: Ford NH .
Fuel: Diesel .
Model: 1920 .
Engine Cylinders: 4 .
Model Year: 1998 .
Engine HP: 32 .
Hours: 575 .
Transmission: Synchro Shift .
Drive: 4WD .
Condition: Used .
Serial Number: UP3945 .

This is a great tractor! 1998 Ford/New Holland, 4×4, power steering, shuttle shift, diesel tractor with 4 cyl. engine. This tractor only has 575 hours so it’s got tons of life left in it. It has oversize turf tires for traction and also comes with a set of Ag tires and rims. 2 sets of tires! This tractor also has a rear remote so you can have rear hydraulics for a top-link or whatever. It has “shuttle shift” which has more power then a hydrostatic transmission.

This tractor has low hours and is in good condition for it’s age but it is not new and has been used with some minor bumps and scrapes. The hood is a little faded on top with some small dents but nothing major. This tractor has been well cared for and service regularly at the local New Holland dealer. No known problems. I’ve owned this tractor for over 5 years now and never have any problems with it.

This truely is a great running well built tractor and they really don’t make em like these anymore.
This tractor may still be used on occasion so hours may differ slightly.

This time it’s ostensibly done through a bulk-mailing company, although the headers suggest the return address is forged (and the Do Not Reply banner at the top suggests that mail to the company itself would quickly disabuse potential marks of their hopes). Also easier, I guess, to prescreen the marks if you don’t name a price or a location (once again, this kind of thing isn’t going to be sold long distance).

I have a sad feeling that osmewhere out there is a poor sap who has never heard of rural editions of craigslist and actually thinks this might be a good idea…


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