Ginnagu-Gap tab dump

Because I’m moving to a machine with a different CPU, and I’m really not counting on being able to restore a zillion-tab browser session seamlessly. (Oh, and by the way, finding the proper spelling for that almost required more google fu than I have.)

Steaming hot tea linked to cancer

Compared with drinking warm or lukewarm tea (65C or less), drinking hot tea (65-69C) was associated with twice the risk of oesophageal cancer, and drinking very hot tea (70C or more) was associated with an eight-fold increased risk.

The speed with which people drank their tea was also important.

Drinking a cup of tea in under two minutes straight after it was poured was associated with a five-fold higher risk of cancer compared with drinking tea four or more minutes after being poured.

This makes me feel good, because it means that my grandmother who parsimoniously drank only piping hot water with a side of lemon was wrong.

Roboat – Autonomous Sailboat: Home

The Roboat is an autonomous robotic sailboat, which is able to autonomously navigate towards any given target without human control or intervention. The optimal route is calculated by weighting drift coordinates against weather parameters. The rudder and sails as well as the tacks and jibes are autonomously controlled by incoming data from sensors (GPS, compass, anemometer, etc.), which are analysed using artificial intelligence. The Roboat team won the first international Microtransat event in Toulouse, France in June 2006.

In Homeowners’ Latest Woe, Banks Are Skipping Foreclosures –

Banks are quietly declining to take possession of properties at the end of the foreclosure process, most often because the cost of the ordeal — from legal fees to maintenance — exceeds the diminishing value of the real estate.

Discovery of cat-sized dino suggests mini dinosaurs prowled North America

Washington, March 17 : New analysis of the fossil of a dinosaur that was found in 1982 in Canada has suggested that it was smaller than a modern day housecat, which indicates that there might have been many ‘mini dinosaurs’ prowling the continent of North America.

The analysis was done by Nick Longrich, a paleontology research associate in the University of Calgary’s Department of Biological Sciences and University of Alberta paleontologist Philip Currie.

They describe a new genus of carnivorous dinosaur that was smaller than a modern housecat and likely hunted insects, small mammals and other prey through the swamps and forests of the late Cretaceous period in southeastern Alberta, Canada.

Weighing approximately two kilograms and standing about 50 centimetres tall, Hesperonychus elizabethae resembled a miniature version of the famous bipedal predator Velociraptor, to which it was closely related.

Fun with YouTube’s Audio Content ID System

I uploaded the files with out-of-phase audio, the tests consistently passed. When the first out-of-phase test is played back in mono, the resulting audio sounds exactly like the Vocal Remove test (which also passed). When the mono-converted/out-of-phase test is played back in mono, both the channels cancel each other out and the result is (theoretically) silence. This is what the fingerprinter hears, and what it bases its conclusions on.

Unmanned Military Helicopter – Vigilante 502 Unmanned Helicopter Specs – Popular Mechanics

The Army’s solution is the Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System (ARSS), a small, unmanned helicopter equipped with a powerful .338-caliber rifle. An autopilot system handles the tricky business of flying while the operator lines up the kill shot on a remote monitor.

The Army ground-tested the rifle’s turret on a Vigilante unmanned helicopter to evaluate its accuracy. The turret-control hardware and flight-control algorithms will be refined to make shots more accurate before airborne testing begins in July. The program’s heads say the airborne robo-sniper idea was put forward five years ago, but only became practical when Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory designed a lightweight, stabilized turret. Users control it with an adapted Xbox 360 controller. The same turret could be used on unmanned fixed-wing aircraft such as the Predator or Reaper and could also allow ground robots to fire on the move.

Gizmodo – Surprise! If Your Amazon Account Dies, It Takes Your Kindle With It – kindle 2

Then, he discovered he couldn’t even buy new books—half of the reason the Kindle is a superior ebook reader is the fact you can download any book, anytime, anywhere—leaving him with a semi-bricked device.

Ian did manage to successfully appeal to the benevolent gods of Amazon, explaining it was only defective merchandise he sent back, and got his account reinstated. With the warning that they could kick him out again at any time if his return rate goes back up.

Well, duh, as the kindlepid episode shows, the point of the kindle is to sell DRM’d content, and in particular to position Amazon for an imagined future when way more stuff, even ephemeral content like news, is most readily available with DRM…

Gizmodo – How It Feels To Walk With Honda’s Cyborg Legs – Bodyweight Support Assist

The system operates using just two tread sensors in the soles of the sweet built-in Velcro sneakers and two lift sensors in the legs which register the upward motion of your stride, as well as the orientation. There is zero delay, and you never feel like the device is controlling your movement. It reacted instantly to my motions and enhanced everything I did, like an exoskeleton.

Mundane activities like walking up the stairs and crouching down suddenly became fun and much easier—the saddle provides anywhere from 6.5 to 18 pounds of support when you lean back in it, which isn’t enough to sit down on, obviously, but it’s certainly noticeable and makes crouching easier.



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