St Louis to Commuters: Drop Dead

03/29/2009 – Missouri’s last clear chance to avert transit collapse –

Nearly 40,000 residents of the region use public transportation to commute to work. That’s in addition to the students, the elderly and disabled — and their families and caretakers — who depend on the system.

h/t atrios

The rest of the article suggests that 5-10,000 of those commuters could lose their jobs because they can’t get to work in a timely fashion (sure, they could spend the thousands of dollars a year to go by car, but St Louis already has enough gridlock at rush hour). Employers may not be able to replace a lot of these people at current prices, because many of the potential replacements wouldn’t be able to get to work either. (Jobs going begging in a recession, go figure.)

Good thing those moderates in congress cut the part of the stimulus covering state and local operating budgets; taxpayers wouldn’t have wanted to be saddle with that cost.


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