The Authors Guild was right to threaten Amazon

Amazon uses DMCA to restrict where you can buy e-books – MobileRead Forums

A quick backgrounder: is a small Python script allowing you to derive a Mobipocket-compatible personal identifier (PID) for your Kindle reader. This PID in itself has nothing at all to do with reading any copyrighted content. It is only used to make legitimate e-book purchases at stores other than Amazon’s.

We believe in the freedom of speech and we encourage you to continue expressing your views and thoughts on tools like We only ask you not to provide any how-to instructions, source codes and/or links for obtaining

When Amazon backed down on the Kindle’s ability to speak the text of books or other material, some people contended that it was a big civil-liberties issue, like trying to prevent the use of text-to-speech apps on personal computers. Americans with disabilities, blah blah blah. And yeah, calling it audiobook rights was a stretch, even if you know that anyone who did buy audiobook rights would demand a discount because their deal was nonexclusive.

But when Amazon threatens lawsuits to hinder people from reading their own lawfully-purchased ebooks on a piece of hardware that they own, then you begin to understand that the Kindle is really about DRM and rights grabs, and that the Authors Guild was only hoisting them by their own petard. It’s not about the rights of the Kindle owners, it’s about the company that sells Kindle wanting to divert revenues from the sales of digital materials away from others and toward itself.


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