Your face got in the way of my fist – Kremlin-backed group behind Estonia cyber blitz

Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks, an internet security company, is an expert on the Estonian attacks and said they measured about 100MB per second of traffic, compared with the largest recorded attacks of 40GB per second.

He said that generating such an attack was quite simple, requiring “just a lot of people getting together and running the same tools on their home computers”.

Mr Goloskokov said: “We did not do anything illegal. We just visited the various internet sites, over and over, and they stopped working.

“We didn’t block them: they were blocked by themselves because of their own technical limitations in handling the traffic they encountered.”

He denied that he and his associates were acting on the orders of the Russian government. “We did everything based on our own initiative,” he said.

Nashe is a privately financed youth movement and the brainchild of the Kremlin’s chief ideologist Vladislav Surkov.

Sergei Markov, a parliamentarian and Mr Goloskokov’s boss, volunteered the information that one of his assistants had planned and implemented the attack at a conference earlier this month.

Well, of course it would be a bunch of sociopaths who actually implemented politically based international attack like this. But having the politicians boast about it just means full speed ahead.


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