Happy little worker bees

They have to be carefully taught

Face Register uses the latest high-tech gadgets to register students in and out of school in just 1.5 seconds.

The technology works by scanning faces with an infra-red light and matching their image with key facial features stored on a secure system.

Not only a hit with the students, who enjoy signing themselves in, the system is saving a member of staff about an hour and a half each day in recording data.

Principal Richard Barker said: “With this new registration technology, we are hoping to free up our teachers’ time and allow them to spend it on what they are meant to be doing, which is teaching.

“As for the students, they love the idea of taking responsibility for their own registration and using Mission Impossible-style systems.”

Gosh, I always believe everything a school principal says about what students think, don’t you? But mostly I don’t believe what the principal say about saving staff time. Before the system came in, they needed someone who recognized each student to sit there and check the kids in (on a page or a screen, makes no difference). Now (and I don’t believe the 1.5 seconds either) they still need someone who recognizes each student to sit there and make sure there’s no monkey business while the students check themselves in. Unless British high school students never had the idea of sneaking an extra person into school, of wearing masks or some other kind of disguise to impersonate another student, or to otherwise find the limits of this new technology.

(Then again, in a country where you can be hit by a court order mandating you be nice and dress properly, who knows…)

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