Almost a brilliant scam

From my inbox this morning, slightly redacted:

Hello . I want to sell my 2005 Bobcat 430 Excavator. My asking price is $5700 . Because of some personal problems I have to sell it fast and this is why I used this company to contact people directly at their email addresses . I hope this way to have more people interested in this great Bobcat. I hosted a photo on photobucket so that you can see it and make an ideea about this bobcat. Here is the photo : .If you`re interested in this please email me at : for more photos .

Here is the description for anyone interested :
2005 Bobcat 430 Excavator
Make: Bobcat
Max Dig Depth: 9’1” – 10′
Model: 430
Operating Weight: 8,001 – 9,000 lbs

I’m a deaf-mute person so please e-mail me if you need to contact me. That’s why I included my e-mail :
I am ready to deliver anywhere in USA .

Somehow the idea of a guy who just happens to be deaf and mute and have no one who could answer the phone for him loading his bobcat up on a trailer and driving it to the other end of the country for $5700 while his personal problems stay on hold at home doesn’t convince me. But I’m sure if I replied to the email (completely unrelated to the sending address) something interesting would happen.

The recession is perfect for scams like this, because a lot of people will be trying to ditch big-ticket items at low prices to stay afloat. And if someone used a local service like craigslist it would be much easier to get caught…


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