We’ve been ordered to purge everything, so we’ll purge nothing

Three months on, you still can’t get off the DNA database • The Register

Since the case the Government has been preparing a response to this ruling, which is currently under consideration by their lawyers. It should be noted that whilst this judgement has gone against the Government, it does not have any impact on the current retention policy until the law is changed by Parliament. It therefore follows that the current legislation and procedures remain unaffected by this ruling.

In anticipation of receiving further guidance and the necessary changes in the law, your details will now be retained within my department and dealt with in the appropriate way as soon as possible.

Let’s review the bidding: the european court of human rights decided that the british policy of requiring not-guilty, non-suspect persons to petition and show special circumstances to get their DNA records purged from police databases, so now apparently the police have revoked the special-petition rule. And until such time as they receive new policy guidance or new legislation (which could be never) is passed are holding onto all records of people not under suspicion.



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