Something tells me facebook is missing some controls

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

More often then not, nothing will be posted but there are many applications on the platform unfortunately that publish stories without you knowing it. There are two ways to avoid having this happen: don’t visit applications or scan your profile every time that you do. Ultimately you shouldn’t be concerned about applications that you’ve built a trusted relationship with but any new applications could potentially post embarrassing notifications.

This article is actually pretty useful (and I’m going to implement its suggestions any month now), but passages like this really implicitly point how little control users have. Somewhere between avoiding new applications entirely and checking obsessively to see whether they’ve shot your foot off (and whether there’s still time to sew it back on) there should be a middle ground. For example, you could imagine a moderated status for apps where anything they do has to be approved.

But then app makers wouldn’t just get free access to all of a gullible user’s friends, and the pace of, um, innovation would slow down. Can’t have that.

Which is when some friend sends me something new and shiny that probably doesn’t have a ticking bomb inside it, I just say no…


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