24-inch e-paper

Giant e-paper display spotted, ogled at Taiwanese book show – Engadget

Now showing at a Taiwanese book expo: two gorgeous e-paper displays, one in black-and-white and one in color. The approximately 24-inch readers were created by Delta Electronics (no relation to the airliner) and are being used by a local newspaper publisher to survey attendees and gauge interest in their future use. Our friends at Engadget Chinese tell us the color one is less contrasty than its monochrome partner, but beyond that, details are scarce and no one at the booth could provide any specs.

Now if only you could fold them or roll them up. (Which isn’t that hard to do for e-paper, it’s mostly that no one has figured out a good-looking form.) This is big enough to do a tabloid full size, complete with ads…


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