Hilzoy is Righ #587

Or, why Specter, McCaskill, Snow and the rest of the “centrists” are objectively in favor or more poor and dead americans.

Politics Is Depressing

Kierkegaard once wrote: if you are given a task and a certain amount of time to complete it, normally it is a good thing if you complete the task ahead of time. But this is not true when the task is: to occupy yourself productively for a day. In that case, if you appear at noon, saying: look, I finished ahead of schedule!, you only show that you have missed the entire point. Likewise, if your task is to get as much money into the economy as quickly as possible, it is not a good thing to say: look! I got all the things you asked for at half the price!

What amazed me, in a sad way, was the “moderate” republicans’ apparent ability to zero in on exactly those items that would provide the maximum expected increase in economic activity (such as aid to states) and the maximum visible benefit to ordinary people (such as school construction) and declare them “pork”, all the while agitating to put tens of billions of dollars of tax cuts in the pockets of the uppermost-middle brackets, who would be crazy if they spent it during such parlous times. (Instead, they’ll put it in banks that won’t lend it out productively any year soon, or into investment funds where it will like as not be swept away in the general plunge.) It takes either a particular kind of stupid or a particular kind of evil to be so consistently wrong.


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