Products I could use if I had any time

Welsh Products : Thermal Screen Printing :Thermal Screens

While passing through the thermal imager the plastic backing melts away, resulting in a stencil being created. (No need for solvents, knives, or photography.)

Ponoko Photomake Turns Doodles into Doodads | Gadget Lab from

Ponoko, the online 3D printing service, has added a new way to make your sketches real. Photomake lets you upload a photograph of your doodles, whereupon it will be vectorized, sent to the Ponoko factory and be cut from the material of your choice by lasers. A while later it will turn up at your door, a solid, real world interpretation of your original drawing

Shapeways | material options

* Shapeways offers several production and material options for printing and is continually working on adding new ones
* Please note: the pricing is based on the actual amount of material used in your final object
* The size of the bounding box, complexity of the model or amount of support material are not relevant for the price
* There are no extra shipping costs, shipping is included in the price
* We ship worldwide


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