Don’t read before going to bed

Final Report, CCSP Synthesis and Assessment Product 3-4

Chapter 1: Introduction: Abrupt Changes in the Earth’s Climate System [1.7 Mb]

Chapter 2: Rapid Changes in Glaciers and Ice Sheets and Their Impacts on Sea Level [1.7 Mb]

Chapter 3: Hydrological Variability and Change [2.2 Mb]

Chapter 4: The Potential for Abrupt Change in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation [2.8 Mb]

Chapter 5: Potential for Abrupt Changes in Atmospheric Methane [1.3 Mb]

These are all things that people in the know have been talking about for 20 years or more, but it’s just a tad frightening to think we haven’t just been blowing smoke.


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