Funny but not-stupid tech

Prof’s robotic pole-snake goes big in Korea • The Register

The snaky robot is about 3 feet long, according to Dennis Hong of Virginia Tech’s Robotics and Mechanisms Lab, which developed it.

“Unlike inchworm type gaits often being developed for serpentine robot locomotion, this novel climbing gait requires the serpentine robot to wrap around the structure in a helical shape, and twist its whole body to climb or descend by rolling up or down the structure,” said Hong.

This sounds pretty cool. Outside the pages of old-style SF, I don’t think there are any creatures that move by rolling at all.

Lighting: Brilliant White Light Produced By Heated Diaper Rash Cream

“Duke adjunct physics professor Henry Everitt, chemistry professor Jie Liu and their graduate student John Foreman have discovered that adding sulfur to ultra-fine powders of commonplace zinc oxide at about 1,000 degrees centigrade allows the preparation to convert invisible ultraviolet light into a remarkably bright and natural form of white light.”

This is pretty nice. I only remember the first claims to converting UV from LEDS to incandescent-style light from maybe 10 years ago, but that’s pretty short in tech-development circles.


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