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Join The Revolution! » Untrusted Certificates

n an unrelated event which was briefly mentioned at the dev.tech.crypto mailing list of Mozilla, something strange happened. During my attempt to verify and understand who stands behind the sending of fraudulent “reminder” email messages tricking our customers, I created a certificate from the source I was following. And my certificate was issued without any further questions.

This prompted me to create another certificate through them, but this time by using a domain name which should never be issued to me. For the purpose of testing, I selected the domain mozilla.com (I’m certain they will forgive me). Five minutes later I was in the possession of a legitimate certificate issued to mozilla.com – no questions asked – no verification checks done – no control validation – no subscriber agreement presented, nothing.

With the understanding about MITM attacks, the severity of this practice is obvious. No encryption is worth anything if an attacker can implant himself between the client and the server. With a completely legitimate and trusted certificate, the attack is perfect.

That’s why we call them certificate authorities, and why self-signed certificates are supposed to be so utterly evil. Right.

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