It’s not that they’re for sale, it’s that they’re so cheap

21 million German bank accounts – yours for only €12m • The Register

To prove they weren’t bluffing, the crooks produced the compact disc containing the names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays account numbers, and bank routing numbers of 1.2 million accounts. Two investigative reporters for WirtschaftsWoche say they obtained the CD during a face-to-face meeting at a hotel in Hamburg with two individuals involved with the theft. The journalists were posing as interested buyers working for a gambling operation.

That’s just over half a euro each. Now mind you a sale of this kind of information can’t be considered to grant exclusive access, and some of those accounts will be empty or specially-protected, but still. With a well-thought-out scam the payback time on that €12m investment should be pretty close to instantaneous. (I’d start by nicking €5-10 from each account under some plausible business name and watching what happened; if no one noticed, just keep going.)

One more bit that makes the wild west look like a temperance meeting.


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