Warehouse space: cheap and inaccessible

Mile of London Tunnels for Sale, History Included – NYTimes.com

After years of lying unused beneath the traffic-jammed streets of the city, the tunnel complex — one mile of underground corridors and adjacent rooms — is now for sale by the BT Group, Britain’s largest phone company. BT hopes the site’s special features will attract buyers even as the property market above ground is going through its biggest downturn in decades.

Appearing more like the set of a James Bond movie than prime real estate, the complex still has a bar and two canteens, not in use, and a billiard room, not to mention functioning water and electricity supplies.

If the the tunnels are all the size in the picture, plus adjacent rooms, you’re talking about somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 square feet, which at $7.4 mil is a steal.

But mostly I wonder about access. Currently just two small elevators, but imagine if you could get access to a few truck-accessible basements. A million-plus cubic feet of warehouse space with traffic-free 10-minute delivery to anywhere in central london…

Or perhaps I’m the only person who still remembers the glory days of Kozmo and Urbanfetch.


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