Antireflective coating for solar cells or whatever

Solar power game-changer: ‘Near perfect’ absorption of sunlight, from all angles

Lin’s discovery could antiquate these automated solar arrays, as his antireflective coating absorbs sunlight evenly and equally from all angles. This means that a stationary solar panel treated with the coating would absorb 96.21 percent of sunlight no matter the position of the sun in the sky. So along with significantly better absorption of sunlight, Lin’s discovery could also enable a new generation of stationary, more cost-efficient solar arrays.

“At the beginning of the project, we asked ‘would it be possible to create a single antireflective structure that can work from all angles?’ Then we attacked the problem from a fundamental perspective, tested and fine-tuned our theory, and created a working device,

This is very sweet, and the extra absorption is nothing to sneeze at, but the reporter is apparently ignorant of basic geometry. You don’t make a tracking array because of reflection losses, you make it because it’s only the area of collector measured perpendicular to the incoming sun that counts for how much energy you can possibly harvest. What this does mean is that mirror/collector combinations, where a lot of the light is coming in at off-axis angles, just got a lot more efficient.


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