Facebook notifier acts like spyware? What a surprise!

OK, I’m going a little overboard. But I finally found out how to get rid of Amigo, an app that installs itself in your menu bar, has no entry for “quit”, and reminds you at regular intervals that you haven’t paid for it yet. It also doesn’t do the only thing I wanted it to, which is to deliver the actual content of posts, notifications etc without opening yet another Facebook browser window.

Facebook | uninstall?

I had trouble uninstalling as well. I finally got something to work. First, log out of the application (via the drop down menu that comes from the icon on the status bar). Then, find the actual application and move it to the desktop. Restart your computer and you should not see the application run at all. Then simply throw it away.
cool, thanks guys. thought i’d be stuck with that thing forever!

I wanted to get stuff through a separate API because Facebook just beats the living daylights out of Firefox. How badly? I’ve got one browser instance with four or five windows open and a couple dozen tabs, and it typically takes 25% of CPU. Then I’ve got a copy of Prism, which is the same browser only stripped down to a single window and no controls, where that single window is Facebook. 33% of CPU. I really don’t want to stay in touch that badly.


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