Upgrade your n8xx with care

maemo.org – News

A Seamless Software Upgrade (SSU) notification should prompt you of a v4.2008.36-5 firmware update once you go online with your Maemo 4.1 (Diablo) device. The update aims to improve email, web browsing, and connectivity.

Early reports from itT members are mixed. Some have updated with no problems and have reported faster browsing, while others are experiencing locks, boot menu problems, looping reboots, and package conflicts which seem to get fixed after a manual reflash.

If you have installed anything out of the ordinary, be sure to read through the comments before updating.

Oy. The first time I installed the upgrade, not even knowing that it was potentially poisonous, it bricked my n810 in an almost-humorous way: the wifi connection icon stayed off even when the connection was on, and searching for a new connection yielded a nice blank screen. So I could use the machine just as long as I was willing to have no idea whether I was connected to the internet or not, and to be connected at random to whatever wifi its limping software thought appropriate.

So I backed up and reflashed, and left all my apps uninstalled for three days in the vain hope that my pristine machine would become aware of the software update and install it properly. Nothing doing. It found a couple of minor previous updates, but refused to install them, claiming that crucial files were missing.

So I reflashed again, and left the 810 untouched for a day until it discovered there was a “seamless” software update waiting for it. Downloaded, installed. Downloaded some more, installed. Restored my files. Restored my apps. All is mostly well, and it does seem a little faster.

Oh, except that Pidgin resolutely refuses to download, claiming a corrupt installation file. grr. So much for quality control.


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