How long will it take for us to live this decade down?

Former Gitmo Prosecutor: Detainee Was Child Soldier and ‘Duped’ – ProPublica

Jawad’s lawyers have long argued that he was essentially a child soldier, forced to fight against U.S. troops and potentially drugged. In his affidavit to the court, Vandeveld says he has seen evidence suggesting the defense is right:

My view of the case has evolved over time. I now accept that Jawad was under the age of eighteen when apprehended, I suspect that he was duped by Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin into joining the organization, and it seems plausible to me that Jawad may have been drugged before the alleged attack on 17 December 2002. I base these judgments on the evidence collected at the time, and not because of any sympathy for Mr. Jawad himself, whom I do not know and have only seen during Commission proceedings.

Vandeveld goes on to write that he pushed for Jawad to get a plea deal in which Jawad would “serve some relatively brief additional period in custody while he receives rehabilitation services and skills that will allow him to reintegrate into either Afghan or Pakistani society.” Vandeveld’s bosses rejected the idea. According to the defense, they also sent Vandeveld to “to undergo a mental status evaluation.”

Maybe some of the most hardened conspiracy theorists could have made this kind of stuff up. But they would have had to work at it.


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