Such an offer

Phorm mulls incentives for ad targeting wiretaps • The Register

The idea is one of more than a dozen possible incentives being punted in a survey running on the market research site The questionnaire probes attitudes to “Webwise”, the consumer-friendly branding its planned Phorm’s system will carry once switched on.

Other carrots suggested include:

* An upgrade to a faster broadband package at no extra cost
* £1 off monthly broadband bills
* £1 cashback per month
* A cut of advertising revenues
* A free premium technical support line
* Free music download vouchers
* Free anti-virus software
* Parental content controls

The current incentive planned by BT and Phorm for Webwise – checking URLs against a white label anti-phishing list – is also offered by the survey. Toluna users are also questioned about a potential feature called “Webwise Local” that would allow advertisers to target internet users based on their location.

Wow. They’re offering things they ought to be delivering as a matter of course (OK, not some of the actual monetary incentives, although prices could be lower) as an inducement for letting them track you and interfere with your browsing. Whee.


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