But it’s a good mob

‘Malware-friendly’ Intercage back among the living • The Register

Over the past few weeks, the Intercage saga has at times resembled the wild west, where justice is meted out by an informal network of power brokers rather than duly appointed officials. Given the frequent inability of today’s law enforcement in overcoming a rat’s nest of extra-territorial and technical issues, this form of frontier justice is probably unavoidable. And in any case, the vast majority of the white hats manning the system are honest and have netizens’ best interests at heart.

Given how slow the wheels of official justice grind (and how coarsely) this kind of thing may be the least bad among a lot of lousy options. And of course it goes back to the good old days of the net when a few czars ran the whole damn thing, and those pesky young’uns just had to like it.

Of course, if you subvert a few white hats.


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