Nothing to see, move along

Making Light

Let’s look at a few more things, and a bit of a timeline.

* 4/5 August (or earlier) 2008: Recruiting begins for a massive botnet. It’s so extensive that it makes the international news.
* 7 August: Georgia provokes Russia in South Ossetia
* 8 August: Russia invades Georgia. One component of the invasion is a DDoS attack on govenment, media, banking, and transportation, powered by a massive botnet.

I believe in many things, but when it comes to combined-arms attacks I don’t believe in coincidence.

Actually, that timeline may be off, in that some of the claims say that the russians induced Georgia to “provoke” them by shelling Georgian positions. (Not quite Poland, but it’ll do.)

George Bush should be happy, btw, because it means that maybe the US won’t be the only outlaw pariah former superpower on the world stage. Or maybe that will make him sad in his twilight years.


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