What to do about right-wing moles?

The Reality-Based Community

I suppose that the best remedy would be shame: publicize the effort well, make sure that IGs of very strong integrity are appointed, and make the reports public and very clear. The principle is not to hide anything. I’m pretty sure Henry Waxman would cooperate with well-publicized hearings.

Yeah, because shame has been so effective in bringing right-wing radicals to heel thus far.

I like the idea of a frontal assault better. The reporting from DOJ makes it clear that many, if not all candidates were asked clearly-unlawful questions about their political and other beliefs. Still other candidates clearly had GOP recommendations for office in ways that violated the law. For the lawyers who passed the bar, it’s to be presumed that they know the law, hence are either accessories or co-conspirators in a pattern of unlawful behavior. They’ve been improperly taking public money, so I don’t have much trouble with the idea that they might find themselves caught up in either criminal or civil actions.

For the non-lawyers, the presumption that they know they were hired unlawfully may be a little harder to meet, but the actions of many of them since they took their jobs confirm their hostility to the rule of law. Start by offering them the option to resign. Then publish the lists.


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