Do the math

Perfume spraying incident leads to arrest | | The Thibodaux Daily Comet | Thibodaux, LA

HOUMA – The cologne-wafting woman local police believe caused at least two men to feel ill and light-headed was arrested Thursday, after being pulled over near the Hollywood Video parking lot on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The woman admitted to spraying cologne on a man Thursday and to spraying cologne under the nose of an 18-year-old last month in front of a Grand Caillou Road restaurant, [Maj. Malcolm Wolfe, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman] said.

But Wegmann also contends she did not intentionally hurt anyone.

“She claims she thought she was selling legitimate perfume and didn’t know it was harmful,” Wolfe said.

So she’s been spraying perfume on guys for a month, and during that time, two of the guys she sprays get kinda sick, each with different symptoms some minutes or hours after being sprayed. She’s a witch! BURN HER! Because no other sample of (one assumes, if she’s doing her job at all) several dozen guys would ever include two who felt kinda sick.


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