Read a web page, go to jail

Ryanair begins screen-scraping lawsuit | The Register

“The site that is being scraped might say that its terms and conditions forbid any form of scraping. The site that is doing the scraping might say, ‘Well, those terms and conditions do not count. They are not incorporated into any contract we have with you.'” he said. “It may be a fair argument if those terms of use are just an optional link like they are on Ryanair’s website.”

So let me understand this: the airline is telling people its fares, but if they tell someone else (for commercial purposes, without giving the airline a cut) then some kind of proprietary right is being violated? What this says to me is that the airline’s site is such a pain that people are willing to go to an aggregator and maybe even pay a little more (even when they could book directly) rather than use it.


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