I want a fleet of these chairs

Robotic Chair: RFID Robotic Chair Follows You Around For Constant Seating

Dutch designer Jelte van Geest’s RFID-enabled robotic chair is for Openbare Bibliotheek Endhoven, and it’s fantastic. What you do is swipe your RFID-enabled library card in front of the chair’s sensor, which then follows you (or your card) around the library so you always have somewhere to sit.

Also imagine what kinds of information a space could get from (properly anonymized) traces.

Hey! Here’s an idea: instead of tracking customers by their cellphones, perhaps malls could issue them little personalized shopping-cart robots that would end up producing the same data without the serious privacy invasion.

Then again, with our luck this will be the basis of killbots that quietly track targets to some deserted venue by homing on on an rfid-enabled passport or driver’s license.


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