Because the Times has not yet discovered the 3d dimension

Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol – Times Online

The closest that LS9 has come to mass production is a 1,000-litre fermenting machine, which looks like a large stainless-steel jar, next to a wardrobe-sized computer connected by a tangle of cables and tubes. It has not yet been plugged in. The machine produces the equivalent of one barrel a week and takes up 40 sq ft of floor space.

However, to substitute America’s weekly oil consumption of 143 million barrels, you would need a facility that covered about 205 square miles, an area roughly the size of Chicago.

Obviously if you can feed the things on something you don’t want (i.e. not corn or any other food) you’re in good shape — roughly as good as with cellulosic ethanol.

Back of the envelope says 143 billion liters is 143 million cubic meters, which is 143 meters high by a kilometer on a side. That sounds rather smaller (depending on how it’s divvied up) that the volume occupied by refineries at the moment. Of course, you’d also need to be moving roughly that volume of biomass around…


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