Somehow I’m not sure this happened the way the witness described

via NOTW

News: Woman wipes self with church flyer | driver, mother, flyer :

After nearly being struck by a gray PT Cruiser Friday evening in the parking lot of the Target in Mary Esther, a 24-year-old woman walking with her two children approached the driver to tell her they were OK, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office report.

The driver got out and called the mother a “bitch.” The mother responded by telling the driver that she attends Faith Independent Baptist Church and handed her a church flyer.

Of course it’s possible that the driver was a drugged- or boozed-up floozy trying to score a pedestrian-hockey hat trick, but were somebody I nearly ran over to approach my car and simply say that they were unhurt, I sure wouldn’t get out and hurl imprecations at them. (Of course, if someone almost ran me over, my first thought wouldn’t be to give them polite assurance that I and mine were OK, so maybe I’m just not turning enough other cheek.)

And then this wonderful mother who not only responds to insult with an assertion of church-going godliness but has the presence of mind to keep, along with the supplies for her two children, a flier for her church, is so filled with charity that she passes a flier to the poor sinner who might be helped with it. Only to see the flier and her children’s eyes defiled.

But after all these details she can’t remember the license plate.

It might have happened that way. But I’m betting there’s a persecution fantasy in there somewhere.


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