Proud to be an american

Indian Workers Decry Recruitment Tactics –

When about 500 Indian recruits reached Mississippi in the fall of 2006, Kumar and the others said, they found that they had been deceived. Their new employer, Signal International Corp., had hired them as temporary “guest” workers with 10-month H2B visas. There was no possibility of obtaining permanent residency for themselves, let alone their families back home. Signal denies that it knew the workers had been promised U.S. residency.

Or the Raw Story version, a bit heavier on the fraud, exploitation and violence:

The Raw Story | Human trafficking of Indian guest workers alleged in Mississippi shipyard; Contractor defends 290-man camp

The workers said that armed security guards were holding some workers prisoner in the TV room of the Signal International Shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi, where the company’s 290 welders and pipe fitters live.

The men told Soni that Signal International – a sub-contractor for mammoth defense contractor Northrop Grumman – had staged a pre-dawn raid and that six Indian workers had been detained in the “TV room,” flanked by security guards, one of whom carried a gun. About 200 other Indian employees at Signal were standing outside the room.

Signal says they detained the guest workers at the advice of US immigration officials, in an attempt to forcibly deport them following a labor dispute.

Oh, that’s all right then. We always respond to labor disputes by having people deported.

Lots of other vicious company-town tactics, e.g. supposed wages of $18.50 an hour, but $250 a week off the top for mandatory food and board in windowless trailers holding 20-24 workers (That would be a clawback by the company of $21K a month for each trailer). And commissions of $15-20K upfront to the recruiting agents.

Here’s my plan: if the slimeballs in charge of this operation can’t come up with the permanent residency they promised or refund the $5M-plus they scammed the workers out of, they should all forfeit their own right to reside in the US. I’m not sure which country would be stupid enough to take them, but I’m sure someone would.


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