Wanker of the day

BBC NEWS | Americas | Head-to-head: Refuge for deserters?

Should Corey Glass have enlisted in the US National Guard back in 2002? Probably not. From what I saw and heard of his 21 May press conference in Toronto, my first impression was that this pale, lanky 25-year-old should be playing synth in a Gothic emo band

blah, blah blah blah even though he was told he was signing up for disaster relief and homeland defense he was really signing up to invade another country sot blah blah blah.

But the most obvous reason Kay is full of crap is Abu Grhaib, Haditha and uncounted thousands of other war crimes. Once Glass had determined (as his statement says he did) that the things he and his fellow soldiers were being ordered to do in Iraq were unlawful (whether the small-scale war crimes of torture, murder and baseless imprisonment or the larger-scale ones of collective punishment and failure to provide security for the occupied population) he was in a no-win situation. Stay, and face the risk of being one of the low-ranking (and only low-ranking) soldiers sent to prison for doing what he was told to do, or leave and face the risk of being sent to prison for not doing it.And that’s not something a mostly-civilized country like Canada should collude with.


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