Golda Meir redux

via Alas – Content

The switch from the “build better prostitutes” paradigm to the “build more sexually responsible men” paradigm is the Swedish solution and that’s the basket I’m putting my eggs in, but other solutions are possible from this new perspective.

Instead of the Swedish model, tricking men could be licensed and be made to openly register with governments in countries where they use prostitutes. We could implement a 5-hour course in responsible prostitute-use similar to responsible driver or gun permit courses. We could make STD checks mandatory for every would-be john

There would still be a core of men for whom the whole unlicensed thing would be the point of hiring a prostitute, and there would be the guys who would be embarassed, but I can also see a subsector of lads feeling all macho when they got their tricking papers. (Would you have to renew it? could you lose it?)


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