The law of the excluded middle

Paedophile escapes jail for abusing girl, 11, after judge says ‘she welcomed sex’ | the Daily Mail

Judge Robert Atherton triggered outrage when he told Manchester Crown Court the child had invited Jon Dixon’s attack as she had a “sexual awareness” that would make someone twice her age blush.

Last night children’s charities condemned his words.

Michele Elliott, of the child protection charity Kidscape, accused the judge of “partially blaming” the victim and called for him to be removed from hearing cases involving child abuse.

The court heard that the pair met in an internet chatroom called Flirtomatic in February last year where the girl was posing as a 20-year-old.

Dixon and his victim exchanged 900 text graphic messages over a two-week period before the girl told Dixon she was actually aged 12 – although her real age was 11.

He continued to pursue her with more graphic sexual text messages, emails and a request for pornographic photos before they met.

On my planet, once an adult learns that the object of their sexual desires is 12 instead of 20, that should be the end of the story. But if you do think this pedophile isn’t to blame for grooming an 11-year-old girl to have sex with him, the proper conclusion is not that the girl herself somehow magically came up with the flirting savvy and sexual knowledge typical of someone much older. Somewhere in her family or circle of acquaintances I’m betting on another pedophile who wittingly or unwittingly set this up.


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