Another concerned citizen

Police Say Drunken Driver Called 911 on Himself | News | | KCPQ TV | Q13 FOX News

DISPATCHER: “911 What are you reporting?”

DRIVER: “I just don’t know if I’m safe to be driving.”

DISPATCHER: “OK. Where are you right now?”

DRIVER: “Uhhhhhh, somewhere between Kent and Southcenter.”

DISPATCHER: “And why wouldn’t you be safe?”

DRIVER: “I’m pretty drunk. I don’t feel good.”

These stories keep on showing up at NOTW and such places, but I’m beginning to wonder if there shouldn’t be some kind of safe-harbor or mitigating-circumstances deal for calling the cops to tell them you’re too drunk to drive. Sure, you should have made your arrangements for a designated driver before you went out and got snockered, but better late than never.


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