Maybe this is why I don’t work for large company

US firms use own staff to snoop on co-workers | The Register

Two in five (41 per cent) of large US firms pay staff to either read or analyse the contents of outbound emails. One in four (26 per cent) of the 300 US firms surveyed by email security outfit Proofpoint said they had sacked someone for violating email policies over the last 12 months.

Also “misuse” of blogs, message boards, social networking sites.

Of course, the survey is from an “email security” company, so they may be, uh, misspeaking about this. (Fer instance, if you put a virus scanner on outbound mail you’d reply “yes” to the survey, and once a company gets big enough, somebody is going to get fired for pretty much anything you can name over the course of a year…) But then again, given the climate of workplace intimidation in the US, they might not.


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