Half the fuel bill sure sounds nice


Wood Pellet Burner Systems for Retrofit Applicaitons
Pellergy LLC is currently working on three models of pellet burners for varying applicaitons. All burners include a 500lb capacity working hopper and 8FT conveyor system for wood pellets, pre-programmed PLC for fully automated control, and conversion plate for adaptation to your boiler.

You have to load the hopper kinda often (500 pounds is about 30-35 gal of oil equivalent) and remove clinker, and there may be chimney issues. But a current price of about half what the same energy content of oil would be, plus carbon-neutrality, is kinda tempting.


One Response to “Half the fuel bill sure sounds nice”

  1. PelletFan Says:

    Take a look at the pellergy website: Any system that has an automated feed auger can support a larger storage bin than their 500-LBS bin. You could also have two or three bins located together if there’s a space issue.

    If you can get wood pellets in your area, they are the way to go!

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