Yipes. When was the keyboard invented?

Brussels Court Convicts Cartoonist | The Brussels Journal

On 25 April a Brussels court sentenced [pdf] the “anti-globalist” (leftist) monthly magazine MO* to a payment of 1 euro in moral damages to the businessman George Forrest because the magazine had printed a cartoon on its front page depicting Mr. Forrest, who owns a copper empire in Congo, in the traditional costume of Congo’s former dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

The court ruled that freedom of the press, as protected by article 25 of the Belgian Constitution, does not apply to cartoons because article 25, which dates from 1831, applies to “writers” but not to illustrators.

Judges Valvekens, De Ridder and Morel of the 20th Chamber of the Court of First Instance in Brussels ruled that “The cover illustration cannot be considered to be a direct expression of a thought or opinion” protected by the freedom of the press

I’m guessing that this is a lower court whose stupidity will (one hopes) be overruled with someone who understands that not all languages are reducible to type. I do rather wonder what they’d do with ascii art or Postscript source code.


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