Way too late, but still good

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Microwaves ‘cook ballast aliens’

Co-author Dorin Boldor, from Louisiana State University’s Agricultural Center, said the team envisaged the microwave device being fitted to the exit valve of a ballast tank.

“The basic idea is that you take the ballast water and pump it through a microwave cavity.”

He added that the system would follow the same principle as a household microwave oven.

This means that the researchers have a high degree of confidence that the system is treating all of the water to remove the unwanted organisms.

“It is extremely fast and very efficient at transferring the energy from the microwaves into heat,” he told BBC News.

It would have been nice to have had this, say, 40 years ago when there was still a chance of stopping invasive alien species from spreading around the globe, but I guess it might help stop things from getting that much worse…


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