Who knew there was such a thing any more?

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Nepal ‘boosts global communism’

The leader of the former rebels told the AFP news agency that the Maoists’ big poll victory signalled a wave of revolution in developing countries, which he said would spread to the developed world.

But Prachanda stressed that the Maoists did not believe in a one-party state.

He said they had concluded that “multi-partyism is a must, even in socialism” and that without competition, a vibrant society could not be created.


Prachanda also reiterated the Maoists’ support for private investment in Nepal, both local and foreign.

But he said Nepal’s people and government should decide on investment priorities.

Citizens deciding on investment priorities? Next you’re going to claim that they have the right to food, shelter and healthcare. Where will it all end?

Back when totalitarian socialism was in its death throes, some people wondered whether totalitarian capitalism had really proved itself better, or merely a slightly longer-lived monster.


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