Defining Deviancy Downwards

This is the kind of thing that the Bush administration’s use of a “not yet indicted” standard for defining career success leads to:

BBC NEWS | Europe | Fritzl daughter letters published

Earlier Oesterreich reported that Josef Fritzl had defended his actions, in comments relayed by his lawyer, Rudolf Mayer.Mr Fritzl reportedly criticised media-coverage of his case as “totally one-sided”, and added that he was “not a monster”.

Mr Fritzl’s alleged crimes came to light when Elisabeth’s eldest daughter Kerstin, 19, became seriously ill.

She was allowed out of the cellar and admitted to hospital in Amstetten – where she remains in an artificial coma.

“Without me [she] would not be alive anymore… I was the one who made sure that she was taken to a hospital,” Mr Fritzl said.

“I could have killed all of them – then nothing would have happened. No-one would have ever known about it,” he added.

OK, as crazy old rapist torturers go, he’s not the worst he could be. And if he were a public official, everybody would say that was good enough.


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